Wellness in Faith


A 6-week self-study course to understand how your health and wellness effects your worship. Christian based scriptures, worksheets, and activities to discover God’s will for your health.  A guide to establish a healthy mind, body, and spiritual connection while exploring global spiritual destinations.

The course designed by Yvette McQueen MD. You will receive weekly study guides and assignments sent upon completion of each week


Yvette McQueen MD

A Global Physician and Wellness Lifestyle Coach

Yvette McQueen MD is an Emergency Medicine Physician working across the US and the Caribbean. Dr. McQueen also serves as a concierge travel physician ensuring healthy and safe travel before and during an international trip. A speaker, blogger, best-selling author, consultant, CPR/First Aid instructor and lifestyle coach. She teaches personal wellness, self-care, stress reduction and lifestyle modifications for living your best life. 

What Is Included

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Lifestyle Assessment of general health, eating habits, sleep patterns, physical activity, weight gain/loss, and stress triggers


Needs and goals determination. Course workbook and downloadable PDFs for activity.  Worksheets, homework assignments, and plans of action.


Implementation tools and stress management solutions. Daily wellness tasks.


Mid-course 1 on 1 video session with Dr. McQueen

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